Helping people to save, invest and give.

At Africa’s Moneypreneur, we’re committed to our mission of empowering individuals, families and organisations to take charge of their finances. We believe that with the right information, training and resources, anyone could become financially buoyant. That’s why we’ve put together a program that we believe anyone can simply follow and apply at any time.

Financial Coaching

Our coaching model has received many testimonies of success, from individuals and businesses alike. Our process is quite straight forward. Because we are sensitive to the various personal financials needs of everyone we work with, we always like to start out by doing some thorough enquiry into what your state is financially, and fully assess your unique challenges. Only then do we draw up a tailored program that is intended to suit you as an individual or and organisation. We then provide solution based activities that could range from organising workshops, or one on one consulting and training sessions.

Learning Resources

We also provide learning resources that are aimed at giving you the necessary education, at whatever level that you’re most comfortable with. At Africa’s Moneypreneur, we’re mostly focussed on giving you a practical learning experience, so that whatever we teach you stays with you, and becomes a vital part of your financial growth. Some of these resources include:

  • AM Goal Setting Sheet
  • AM Accountability Workbook
  • Online Courses on Financial Management
  • Access to a host of online resources from our blog, including articles, videos and podcasts on financial management.

When I started my own business i could hardly interpret a budget or even stick to it. It took hard lessons and difficult times to get to where I am now in terms of understanding my finances and setting Big Money Goals. I relied heavily on small loans from family to keep my daycare centre running and to pay salaries. That was when I knew I needed help and reached out within my network. Thankfully Africa’s Moneypreneur came to my rescue and they have patiently coached me in my finances. I believe we can all do better with our finances if we start talking Money!

Ariana Oluwole, Founder of Narnia Daycare

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We would love to build a long term relationship with you, and guide you through your journey of financial success. At Africa’s Moneypreneur, we are as committed to your financial growth as you are, and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensuring that you achieve all the goals that you set for yourself, your family, or your organisation.

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